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Hey, Rampagers! 

I’m Bruno PorKaria, Magic Rampage’s community manager. Our team have increased this year, and we are working hard to deliver a lot of fun for you guys, with lots of new features:

Weekly Dungeons

No more repeating dungeons! Our team is on fire, and you will have a brand-new dungeon every week! Besides that, we are working on special dates stages, which will have new items and pets.


Ranking up will reward you! We are working on a Season System, in which the players will be able to exchange rank progress points for unique class skins.


The multiplayer development finally has started! It’s not just on paper anymore: the team is already programming, and you will play it this year!

Free-to-play on Steam

The game will be free on Steam, following the same model as Google Play and App Store. For those who have already purchased the game, don’t be sad: you will be promoted to Premium Player. That means that the price of the weapons on Store will be different for you.

Anti-Cheat System

We are constantly improving our Anti-Cheat System. Nowadays, it automatically detects the usage of hacking softwares, like the ones that allow fake purchases, gold and coin amount manipulation, and game mods.

By that, the user is automatically banned and will only be removed after a long analysis of the support team.


We will be live every week! Lead designer André Santee will share the process of the game’s new features on his Dev Live streams on Youtube (éSantee).

Also, on Twitch (, I will be playing the weekly dungeons, accepting challenges from the competitive mode, and commenting all the community news.

We will always be posting here the evolution of each item in our planning, so be sure to stay tuned to our blog. And, remember, if you have any questions just send us an email:

I hope we can count on you! Thanks for your support!